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Transformers Prime: Dark Energon Secret
By TFGlider.

It was a nice quiet time in the Autobots base until a Decepticon signal came up on the screen.


Ratchet: (looking at the screen) We got trouble.

Arcee: What kind of trouble Ratchet?

Ratchet: Con’s and a weak dark energon signal.

Optimus: Set a ground bridge Ratchet. Arcee, bulkhead you’re coming with me. Bumblebee,

Ratchet: I’m going with you to Optimus, You may need a medic if the dark energon well...Explodes.

Optimus: Ok Ratchet. Bumblebee you stay here and look after the Raf and Miko.

Bumblebee: BEEP BEEP (Ok Prime).

Ratchet: Ground Bridge ready to go Optimus.

Optimus: Ok Ratchet set the ground bridge coordinates. We will be back in a couple of minutes you two (looking at Raf and Miko).

Miko: Kick! Some Decepticon ass! for me Bulkhead.

Bulkhead: Don't worry Miko.. I will (cracking his knuckles)

Miko: (smiling).

So Optimus, Ratchet, Arcee and Bulkhead went through the Ground Bridge and left Bumblebee, Raf and Miko behind.

Raf: Hay Miko where Jack?

Miko: He's revising for an exam on Monday at home. How boring is that, when he can be here
playing with us and the Autobots.

Raf: Yes being here is brilliant. But he must have a really good reason to no come over,

Miko: I hope he does.

Raf: Any way. Hay Bumblebee do you want to have a race on the new game I got with me? It's just come out this week.

Bumblebee: BEEP (YES!).

Mean while.

Ratchet: Optimus I've found the source of the signal it’s... Breakdown?

Breakdown: Hello Autobots Ha! ha! ha!

Optimus: (confused) Breakdown what are you doing here?

Breakdown: Well I was sent here by Knockout's orders to get this dark energon. Don't ask me why but wait you won't need to know when I put you all off line Ha! Ha! Ha!

Bulkhead: Optimus may I have the first hit.

Optimus: If it's a fight you want Breakdown. Then it’s a fight you get.

Breakdown: Come on then. Try and hit me you useless scrap metal(boom!!)ARRWW!!!...

Arcee: Good shot Bulkhead.

Bulkhead: Thanks but I mist. I was trying to aim for his face Ha!

Breakdown: Hmmmm.. Is that the best you can do? My turn! (running towards ratchet).

Ratchet: Hm what? (turning around form analysing the dark energon) aaa UUFFFFFFFF....... (BAING!) AAARRR (landing on a sharp rock near the dark energon).

Optimus and Bulkhead start firing at Breakdown to draw his attention away from Ratchet so Arcee could go and help him.

Arcee: (Running over)Are you ok Ratchet?

Ratchet: I'm fine (looking at his now cut arm).

Arcee: Are you sure?

Ratchet: yes! (now notices a black shadow up on the rock just behind Breakdown).

Breakdown: (out of breath) Ha ha ha.

Optimus: Stand down Breakdown!

Breakdown: Never ("BOOM!") AAARRR!!

All the Autobots look to see where that shot had come from and then..

Glider: (Jumping out behind the rock) Hay Decepticreap! did you like that HA! HA! HA!

Glider looking behind Breakdown seeing a bot who is injured. He walks up to Breakdown with his gun pointing at his face. He stares straight at him with a cold dead look and say.

Glider: You are outnumbered, now how's about you leave and
there will be no hearing of this hm... What do you say tin can?

Breakdown: .uh? what’s left of the dark energon and  transforms) I will be back to finish this fight and I will be taking the dark energon with me.

Bulkhead: Shall I follow him Optimus?

Optimus: No there will be no need. He isn’t going to do much with just one shard of dark energon. We will find him again (looking at Glider) and thank you for helping us soldier, what is your name?

Glider: That's ok (goes to shake Optimus hand) and the names Glider and you are?

Optimus: (shaking Gliders hand then let’s go) My name is Optimus Prime and this is Bulkhead and over there (pointing towards Arcee and Ratchet) is Arcee and Ratchet.

Glider: Well nice to meet you all (smiling at them) it’s been a long time sins I’ve seen anyone from my own planet.

Bulkhead: How long?

Glider: Well about (gets interrupted)

Arcee: Optimus! Ratchet is seriously injured.

Ratchet: I'm fine Optimus really AAAWWW! (now on the ground clutching his arm in pain).

Glider: Whoa! there.. let me have a look at that (looking at Ratchet's arm).

Ratchet: (Looking at Glider and thinking) "You look very familiar" AAWWWW!! (clutching his arm in pain).

(Flash back)

Ratchet: Whoa! there let me have a look at that soldier (turning over the bot onto his front) a Decepticon?

Mystery  bot: Im not a Decepticon! Ratchet.

Ratchet: How do you know my name?

Mystery bot: And I’m fine really look (trying to get up) AAAWWW!

Ratchet: No you're not come with me I will get you patch up.

Mystery bot: (Smiling) Fine.

(Flash back over)

Glider: (looking at Ratchet's arm) There seems to be a dark energon shard in here.

Ratchet: AARRR!!! (collapses and now unconscious)

Glider: We need to get him back to your base.. NOW!.(looking at the others) Wait you do have a med bay don't you?

Back at the base.


Miko: (just hearing the beeping over here ipod) HAY YOU TWO!!

Bumblebee and Raf are puzzled at why Miko is shouting at them and walk over to see what's going on.

Bumblebee: (looking at the base computer screen) Be beeeep? (A message?)

Raf: From who Bee?

Bumblebee: beep beep (it's Arcee)

Raf: Arcee? What does she want?

Miko: (saying in excitement) Play the message! Play the message!  

Bumblebee plays the message but all they can here is feedback nose.

Arcee: "Bumblebee are you t......... we need a Ground Bri........... Ratchet is badly injur..........................ZZZZ ...can you hear me..SSSSHHHHHH.clunk (end of transmission)"

Bumblebee: Beep beep beep (I can't get a clear signal)

Raf: I wonder what's happened?

Arcee: Are you there? Bumblebee?......(feedback noise) Miko?.. Raf?...(feedback noise) Optimus I can’t get through, this place is interfering with the signal.

Optimus and Arcee look at Ratchet and there new friend Glider.

Glider: (looking at Arcee) Could you not get through. No worries I've got a sort of medic bay back at my hideout. It's just a couple clicks away from here, hey Bulkhead can you help me carry Ratchet.

Mean while on the Decepticon's ship.

Breakdown: I've got the dark energon you wanted Knockout.

Knockout: (grabs the shard of dark energon out of Breakdown’s hand) Good.. I will give this to him straight away. Now have you got something else to do? (walks away)

Breakdown: (thinking) Give it to who?

Knockout walks into this big dark room at the back of the Nemesis. There were part of bots and tools hanging all up on the walls almost like they were trophies.

Knockout: (being very cautious) Here's the dark energon you wanted.


Knockout: Are you even in here?

? : Put it on the table Knockout.

Knockout: (startled) Aw!! Wow you scared the paint job off me man. Primus what’s wrong with you.

Knockout places the dark energon on the table and try’s to see where the voice is coming from the dark room. But all he can see is tools, bot parts and one big red light. He then gets interrupted.

? : You may leave now.

Knockout: (turns around quickly from being a little scared) Um.. ok..I’ve got better things to do any way. I’m out of here. (walks out the door way) that was just creepy.

Back at the base Bumblebee is trying to pinpoint where the others are, to link a Ground Bridge to get them back. But now the Autobot's new friend is going to give them quite a surprise.

Glider: Are you alright carrying him Bulk?.

Bulkhead: (carrying Ratchet on his back) ya.. I'm fine.

Arcee: (sigh) How much further is it?

Glider: (looking at a holographic screen from his arm) Not much.. just around this corner.

As they turned the corner they see an old but really big abandoned ware house with part of it falling apart. Which has been there for a very long time.

Glider: Ah home sweet home (looking at the abandoned ware house with a smile)

Arcee: That’s his “hideout”. it's barely holding together.

Glider: (waling inside) Well Arcee is been home for me for a very long time. I’ve just not got round to fixing it up yet.

Arcee: I can see that. (walks inside)

Glider: (smiles) Hm.. oh and sorry for the mess I don’t get many visitors so be careful on what you step on.

As the others walk inside there is one bot who couldn’t. Optimus walks up to the door of the building and sees that he is too tall to stand up inside the ware house.

Optimus: Hm?

Glider: Oh i forgot Optimus if you haven’t already noticed' (while looking up to him) When the humans were building this I don’t think they knew you were coming heh... sorry about that.

Optimus: That’s ok Glider I will wait out here.

Glider: Ok. (looking at Bulkhead and Arcee) Well come on we got work to do.

So Optimus sat down outside the ware house while the others went in.

Glider: (walks into a room) Bulkhead would you bring Ratchet in here.

As Glider leads Bulkhead carrying Ratchet to his make shift Med bay, Arcee noticed all these weird weapons all around the walls.

Glider: (shouting from the medic room towards Arcee and Prime) Don't touch any of my inventions not all of them have been tested yet!

Arcee: (looking at a round silver object in the corner of the room) I wonder what that is?

Optimus: (looking in from outside because he can't fit inside) Glider said not to touch anything Arcee.

Arcee: Im just looking.

As Arcee look at this round object it starts making a humming noise. As Arcee got closer this thing came at her and starts to hover in the air with its one big red optic and stops right in front of her face.

Arcee: (staring at this thing) aw? hello?

? : (staring at Arcee) Beep peep beep click (replays what Arcee said) "aw? Hello?"

Arcee is confused at what this thing is. Then it flies off into the room where Glider, Bulkhead and Ratchet are.

Glider: (shouting at Arcee and Optimus in the other room) I told you not to touch anything! (looking at the hovering metal ball) oh well.. hay Hover I need your help anyway, Bulk you can go in with the others iv got Hover here to help me now.

Bulkhead: Ok? (looking at the metal ball thing called Hover)

As Bulkhead walk in with the others

Arcee: I Ratchet ok?

Bulkhead: Not sure. But he seems fine for the minute.

Then there was an all might bang! from the med bay.

? : (anger) AAAWWWWW!!!

Glider: (shouting) calm down will ya. Your making it worse (being push out the doorway of his medic bay) AWWW!.

Optimus: What was that? (trying to look in from outside)

This now uncontrollable, dark energon raged husk of Ratchet come in and runs towards Arcee with his blades drawn.

Glider: (shouting) Don't let him touch you!. it's not Ratchet it's the dark energon controlling him.

Arcee: (jumping out of the way) What do we do?

Glider: We need to calm him down so he can gain control the dark energon (ducking from Ratchet blades).

Bulkhead: That's impossible know one can control dark energon. Well besides form Megatron.

Optimus looks inside to see this dark energon raged Ratchet going berserk.

Optimus: What’s going on?

Glider: Just let me think a minute. Yes I got an idea just keep him from coming after me ok.

Arcee and Blukhead: ok?

As Arcee and Blukhead draw Ratchet attention away from Glider. He goes through a pile of weird guns and tools trying to find something.

Glider: Come on where is it.... (picking up tools and weapons and throwing them aside onto the floor) nop, no, no, no, nop, yes there it is. Ok I got this. (shouting towards Ratchet) Hay Tin head over here!

As the dark energon raged Ratchet runs towards Glider, Glider shoots this weird gun at Ratchet and accidently it hits him in the right side of his face but it does stop him and calm him down.

*Ratchet: (the purple glow from his optics disappears) wow.. That was tingly.. hu.. (Collapses to the floor)

Arcee: (surprised) What was that?

Bulkhead: Ya and where can I get one?. Hah.

Glider: Don't worry it's just an EMP gun something I invented a long time ago (looking down at the unconscious Ratchet) and sorry for hitting you in the face Ratchet it’s been a long time sins iv.. well. Shoot anything. But if I didn't do it you would of hurt one of us or worse.. killed one of us... or you self.

Optimus: Is everything ok in there? (looking in form outside)

Glider: Yep everything’s fine. For now.

Arcee: Optimus iv got a clear single I can get Bumblebee to get us a ground bridge back to base.

Optimus: Ok radio in for a Ground Bridge back i think we had enough for today.

keep in touch for part 2
UP DATE!! 30/10/14 i have change somethings in the story and spelled check to make it better then it was before. hope you like it :D

here is my story of my character Glider on how he is and how he met the Autobot and his long time best friend do not use without my permission

the parts ware there are* mean there is a pitcher for this part

here is the first pic in this * the first one is for this moment in time

this is what Glider looks like New Dark Energon Secret Glider so far and this is how tall he is

Part 2:
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