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Hay im still here. I just want to say iv not done anything for a while on here so now iv got some time to spare im going to try and uplode a few things. im going to finish my transformers prime story Dark Energon Secret which i started 3 years ago i think and i think im not shore. Any way its time to finish it and im going to put up some drawings iv done this year and the one before and well you get the idea. 
i've also redone parts of my transformers prime story to make it better then before i've complete part 1 to 4 the rest coming soon. I will get this story done

part 1 Transformers Prime: Dark Energon Secret ByTFGliderTransformers Prime: Dark Energon Secret
By TFGlider.
It was a nice quiet time in the Autobots base until a Decepticon signal came up on the screen.
Ratchet: (looking at the screen) We got trouble.
Arcee: What kind of trouble Ratchet?
Ratchet: Con’s and a weak dark energon signal.
Optimus: Set a ground bridge Ratchet. Arcee, bulkhead you’re coming with me. Bumblebee,
Ratchet: I’m going with you to Optimus, You may need a medic if the dark energon well...Explodes.
Optimus: Ok Ratchet. Bumblebee you stay here and look after the Raf and Miko.
Bumblebee: BEEP BEEP (Ok Prime).
Ratchet: Ground Bridge ready to go Optimus.
Optimus: Ok Ratchet set the ground bridge coordinates. We will be back in a couple of minutes you two (looking at Raf and Miko).
Miko: Kick! Some Decepticon ass! for me Bulkhead.
Bulkhead: Don't worry Miko.. I will (cracking his knuckles)
Miko: (smiling).
So Optimus, Ratchet, Arcee and Bulkhead went through the Ground Bridge an
part 2 TFPrime: Dark Energon Secret Part 2 By TFGliderTransformers Prime: Dark Energon Secret
By TFGlider.
When Arcee got through to Bumblebee they went back to the base with Glider and the now calm Ratchet into the med bay to look at his damaged eye, due to the shot fired by Glider and also to patch up his arm.
Raf: (shouting to Miko on here ipod) Hay Miko there back!
Miko: (looking up at Glider) Hay who's the new guy?
Glider: Oh hi there (kneels down to see Miko) the name is Glider (smiles at her) and you are?
Miko: Im Miko cool name you got (smiles back)
Glider: (gets back up) Well thanks Miko so do you. I've got a human friend sort of like you. You should meet her sometime.
Raf now looking at Ratchet sitting in the med bay and noticed his damaged optic on the right side of his face.
Raf: (anxious) Are you ok Ratchet?
Ratchet mumbles something and turns his head away from Raf so he couldn't see his damaged optic.
Raf: (looks at Arcee) What happened?
Arcee: We got into a fight with Breakdown and one thing lead to another. Then Glider ca
part 3  TFPrime: Dark Energon Secret Part 3 By TFGliderTransformers Prime: Dark Energon Secret
By TFGlider.
Beep! Beep! Beep!
They all go into the Ground Bridge room
Bulkhead: (reads the terminal) Optimus we got more Con’s.
Arcee: Again what are they up to?
Glider: Well if it's what I'm thinking of we better get there quick.
Optimus: Whatever it is we got to stop them, Ratchet you stay here with the human's everyone else come with me.
Bumblebee: Beep Beep! (let’s go!)
So when the others went through the Ground Bridge Ratchet turns off the Bridge off stumbled back to his med bay feeling slightly dizzy and painful. He thought it could be to do with what Glider had done to him so he dismisses it and carries on. But it gets worse
Ratchet: (puts his hand on his chest in pain) Humf..
Raf: (anxious) Are you ok Ratchet?
Ratchet: I will be fine just give me a minute. I.. I can’
Ratchet collapse in the door way of the med bay just missing Raf.
Raf: (shouts in fear) Ratchet?..Ratchet!!!!
Miko: (Runs in from the other
part 4 TFPrime: Dark Energon Secret Part 4 By TFGliderTransformers Prime: Dark Energon Secret
By TFGlider.
Mean while back at the Autobot’s base Raf is trying to help Megan fix Ratchet. Not knowing how she could help to stabilise him from flat lining. But doing anything is better than doing nothing.
Megan:  (sitting on Ratchet’s chest looking down at the component attach to his spark chamber) Don’t worry Doc I’ll get you up and about. I just got to get power back into that component you have there. But how? (looking at Ratchet’s face) you haven’t got any ideas have you no. That’s alright I will think of something Hmm?
Raf: (looking up to see where Megan is on Ratchet) Why are you speaking to him like that. He can’t reply to you like this.
Megan: No he can’t. But I’m a good listener every time Glider get knockout I speak to him. Make him feel he’s not alone and someone is there trying to help him. (looking down from on top of Ratchet at Raf) You don’t do that?
 part 5 onwards coming soon

  So ya Im Back!!
  And Why Can't I Stop Listening To This!?…
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